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If there’s one hairstyle that women have fallen in love with over and over, then it’s the Medium Short Hairstyles. It’s a combination of the best features of long and short hair. How to distinguish it from long or short hairstyles? It’s in the length- it falls just a little above or below the shoulders.

Advantages of Medium Short Hairstyles

Why do women love Medium Short Hairstyles? Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Beauty. This type of hairstyle can bring out a woman’s best features.
  • Versatility. Medium Short Hairstyles offers a lot of possibilities. Tie it in a ponytail or half ponytail, tease it, curl it or simply let it hung loose and you’re ready to go.
  • Fits any and all occasions. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to the department store, hang out with friends, go out on a date or even get married as this hairstyle is suitable for anything and everything.
  • Easier to maintain. Medium Short Hairstyles are easier to manage than both long and short hair.


Types of Medium Short Hairstyles for Women

Because of their popularity, Medium Short Hairstyles for Women have created fads, all-time faves and even variations. Here are three of the most common Medium Short Hairstyles that women love:


The chop

What’s in the chop that makes it oh-so attractive to women? Well, some women vow of its versatility and manageability. Some say that it simply looks good on their heads. Others say that they love its “one-size-fits-all” characteristic- good for all types of hair texture, color and even facial shape.

Experts say that the best type of chop is the one that seems to be blunt but never really is. Ask your would-be stylist if he/she uses feather razor for this type of haircut. If he/she says no, walk away. Otherwise, you’d end up with a cheap-looking, heavy chop.

Medium hairstyles5 224x300 Medium Short Hairstyles for Women

The Chop

Layered Medium Short Hairstyles for Women

Layers, according to experts and some women in the know, produce an amazing softening effect on the hair as well as i the face. It suits all facial types, hair color and texture. Again, styling should look soft, never blunt. And to really maximize those layers, use a voluminizing shampoo. Great for texture!

women medium length hairstyles 2012 17 150x150 women medium length 768x1024 225x300 Medium Short Hairstyles for Women

Layered Hairstyle

Bob with Bangs

Okay, there are bobs and there are bobs, but this is one of the Medium Short Hairstyles for Women that look so fab. No wonder women of all ages opt for it.

Party Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair 5 238x300 Medium Short Hairstyles for Women

Bob with Bangs

These are just three Medium Short Hairstyles for Women that you can choose from. Ask your hairstylist for more options.

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